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luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

Amy , cea cu multe prenume , vorbeste ...

Dear readers,
Here I am, Amy Daiana, the writer of Justin Bieber and Jason McCann fan-fictions. During time, you were always there for me, reading my stories and giving me hope that, someday, my stories will be read by who should read them. Before announcing you the main thing, I have to say… thank you again for everything. During time, I learnt that it wasn’t about how many views I could gather. No, it was about the feelings I was sending through my writings to the readers. Thank you for everything.
Okay, now the main announcement. My dear readers, I will begin a new story. Not a Justin Bieber one. It’s one based on the book series, and also the famous TV show, called “Pretty Little Liars” . The books are written by Sara Shepard, and I completely fell in love with them, and with the TV show, not too much time ago. My story will be called “The Shared ‘Secret’ Of Rosewood’s’ Pretty Little Liars’” , and it supposes a new character, who will participate at the TV show/ book series’ action. Her name will be Alessandra ‘Alessia’ Devonne Smith, more about her you will find in the character description, which will be posted in the first chapter of the story. I don’t know exactly how serious this story is because, first of all, I want to hear the readers’ opinions. If you will like it, I will continue. I don’t want to give you too much information right now, because I want to make everything a surprise.
Don’t worry, I won’t surrender writing at my Justin Bieber love story. I will continue it, of course! Please, don’t forget to let me hear your opinions about this story, so don’t be shy and message me. I’m still writing one-shots so, if you want, you can send me a message with the information about the main character and the other details.
In final, I will announce you the certain date when the first chapter will be posted: February 1st , 2012. Until it, keep an eye on my Quizilla account for photo vote, special banners and news about this story and other stories.
Thank you again for everything, and for your attention, of course!

Unii o stiu pe Amy , altii nu . Cel mai important este ca e o semi-scriitoare talentata , care scrie fictiune pentru adolescenti p cunoscutul site quizilla . Este o cunostinta de.a mea si pot sa va spun ca le are cu scrisu' - chiar daca nu.i citesc ,,Justin Bieber and Jason McCann fan-fictions"-urile . 
Deci pregatiti-va ca pe 1 februarie , lanseaza o poveste ,,mai normala" - o serie alternativa a Micutelor Minciunoase , cu un personaj nou-nout , Alessia . + Ca foloseste o engleza relativ usoara de inteles pt toata lumea .
Destul de intersant . :-?? 

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